BS EN13724:2002

Postal Services - Apertures of Private Letter Boxes and Letter Plates.

The standard specifies the requirements and test methods of the aperture for the delivery of letter post items.

Type of Unit:

The standard defines four types of units:

1. Outdoor private letter boxes.

2. Indoor private letter boxes.

3. Slide through boxes.

4. Letter plates.

Aperture size: 2 types are identified:

1. Widthwise posting.

2. Lengthwise posting.

The dimensions for Type 1,2,3 and 4 are shown in the table below:

Corrosion Resistance:

3 grades are identified:

0 = No requirement.

3 = High corrosion resistance.

4 = Very high corrosion resistance.

Theft and Burglar Resistance:

2 grades are identified:

1 = Standard prevention.

2 = Improved prevention.

For letter plates, the installation shall be between 700 and 1700mm from the delivery floor level and shall not be less than 6800mm from the receiving floor height nor the aperture height of more than 40mm unless special security attachments are used.

The letter plate should not be installed within 400mm of an unsecured door or window lock.